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Sign of a white feather, "All is Okay" This painting has a very special meaning to me,

Ten years ago, I went through the lowest point in my life. I had a near fatal accident; my job was ending; and my family was falling apart. Overnight my life shifted. I was scared, angry, and depressed because I had no sense of what was going to happen next. The only comfort I found during that time came from reading books, particularly ones on strengthening the mind and the power of positive thinking. The book that resonated with me the most said, "what we think about we bring about." It suggested envisioning a small object and keeping its image in the forefront of one's mind, believing without a doubt that it would appear in real life. I thought to myself, 'I have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain. I want to make change happen.' My object? A pure white feather, an object with a very special meaning to me. Every moment of everyday I knew I was going to find this feather. Several weeks passed, yet still I kept this image in my mind. One early morning, I was walking my dog, Maggie, on a path along a lake. I remember clearly the sun just breaking through the trees.There, tumbling across the path in front of me, my feather—bright white, about two inches long with downy barbs at the shaft. Tears of joy washed over me. I picked it up and said to Maggie, "Everything is going to be okay."

From that moment, my life changed and moved in the right direction. It is true that what we think about we bring about. I see white feathers in some form every day, and they continue to inspire and comfort me.

I present my white feather, entitled Everything is Okay. I have hidden a special message somewhere in the feather in English and Spanish: "Sign of a white feather. All is OK. Keep peace, love and hope alive in your heart."

Wherever you are, whatever you may be going through, don't give up! stay optimistic, and you too will find your white feather.

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