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 Stevenson's Graphic Designs have been used for Major League Baseball,  Arena Football, and over 300 Colleges and Universities.  D. Scott's illustrations have been applied to a variety of products endorsing exhibits at The Smithsonian, Air and Space Museum, The National Zoo and Aquarium, The Library of Congress, Kennedy Center, and L.L.Bean Kids to name a few.  

Take a look at the categories below, contact me if you have creative projects or need a custom quote.


 on apparel graphics for screenprint, embroidery, applique

and sublimation. I have designed for over 300 Colleges and Universities. 


Take a Look at my collection of designs

I love wildlife and illustrating animals, I have created art for several zoos and aquariums throughout the country; Smithsonian, National Aquarium, National Wildlife Federation to name a few.


Take a Look at my collection of designs


L.L.Bean wildlife designs

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