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Crescent Beach, Maine 

If you haven't had the opportunity to visit northern Maine, it's a definite add to your bucket list.  I was lucky enough to have lived in Belfast, ME. for five years, a small town on the Penebscot Bay south of Bar Harbor. 


While Maine winters can be brutal.  Cold, long and yes, a lot of snow...  All of this makes one cherish and look forward to the beautiful summers on the coast.

Only 15 miles south of Belfast, past Camden, is a small sandy beach known as Crescent Beach.


I spent many weekends at Crescent Beach.  Sketching and photographing so many inspiring images for my art.  The photo I took looking down at the rocks on the beach was my inspiration for this painting.


36" x 48" Acrylic on board


Please contact       to inquire about purchasing original


IMG_0297 23-53-06 2.png

Photo reference


Owls Head Light, Owls Head Maine

Crescent Beach, Maine

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